The 41 challenge

A crazy project? For some probably, for contractors, one rather an ambitious project!
Ludovic CHORGNON is going to try to beat the record of the number of consecutive Ironman (at the rate of one Ironman each day).

Today according to Guinness it is officially 10. It would be unofficially 33 but was never approved. So just to put everybody all right he is going to try to make it 41 (as Loir-et-Cher department), officials of course.

41 Ironman means 156km of swim, 7380km of bike and 1730km of running !

The 41 Challenge will start on july 1st 2015 in Vendôme (Loire Valley in France), so welcome in France with your family or your friends. You'll can participate free of charge in all or part of Ironman every day.